State of progress

The initial funds committed have been focused on national components while regional activities were based on promoters own resources and therefore limited, up to the end of 2016. In 2017 and 2018, thanks to a financial support from the French Ministry in charge of Environment, and Fondation of Prince Albert II of Monaco, lessons learnt from first NWIS implementations, have been used to organise a regional training session, a legal framework analysis, an exchange of experience workshop as well as to produce guidance documents.

 The current implementation progress is summarized in the following table:



Funding source


Definition and technical specification of the NWIS done in 2015 and implementation on going

3 MoU signed (2 pending) in 2019

Phase 2 financing under discussion with MOPIC

European Commission delegation grant


MoU signed by 5 Ministers

1st phase of implementation of SINEAU delivered in December 2016

Institutional study and proposal for water law revision (2018)

African Water Facility + National funds



Promoter (French funds)


Definition study done in 2015

New water law addressing water information adopted in Oct. 2016

Implementation started in 2017

National multi-stakeholders NWIS working group launched

National funds




EC twining project


Definition study to be carried in 2018

Building construction started in 2019 for the Traning and Information Center


National Funds


  • Definition of a list of common IWRM indicators (2014)
  • Steering Committee meeting, 2014 (SP)
  • NWIS training session July 2017 (FR)
  • Legal framework analysis (2017-2018)
  • Data management for WFD session as part of SWIM-H2020 regional training, July 2017, (BE)
  • Exchange of experience workshop (2017, SP)
  • Data management for river basin manegement plan as part of SWIM-H2020 regional training, April 2018, (AT)
  • Guide for developing National Water Information Systems in the Mediterranean (2018)
  • Practical guide for implementing a national white paper on water (2019)
  • Promoters/Plan Bleu + ONEMA (FR) + UfMS
  • Promoters + Min. Env (SP)
  • Min. Env (FR) / FPA2 (Monaco)
  • Min. Env (FR) / FPA2 (Monaco)
  • SWIM-H2020 SM (EC)


  • UfM secretariat


  • SWIM-H2020 SM (EC)
  • FPA2 (Monaco)
  • FPA2 (Monaco)


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